Monday, December 27, 2010


What do you mean by comparison? Comparison is the considering of two things with regard to some characteristic that is common to both.

Why do we compare? Do we need to be compared? What are the things that people like to compare of? How do people compare things?

In my opinion, we human compare things when we need to make a decision in between 2 things or more. This is when we need to buy similar things but with different brands, price, quality and etc...

But! Do are we human beings being compared? Yes! Who is prettier? Jeniffer Lopez or Agelina Jolie? Who is more sexier? Who is cleverer? Who is richer? Why do we need to compare at the first place? Some people may said that its a way to encourage improvement in oneself. Do you agree?

Each and everyone of us is born with our own unique characteristics. God is fair to everyone. You might be rich but you are lonely, you might be pretty but you mayb be poor, you may be struggling from financial issues but you have a happy family and etc. Each and every single individual is blessed with their own talents, skills, capabilities, features to make them special. Why compare?

Kids are compared how well they do in their studies. How good are their singing. How many medals they get when they are in school. How many As they obtained during their major exams. Oh gosh. Are all these necessary? Some kids might do well in their academic and some in the co-corriculum. So what if you got straight As in your exams but a poor health? So what if you have a cupboard full of medals and yet you failed all your exams?

When you finish studies, you are compared again. How much are you earning? What vehicle are you driving? Is your partner pretty? Are you working in a big company? There are never ending of comparisons. When you get married and have kids, the comparisons go on. Why are you still fat after pregnancy? How come you just you havn't have a baby like your friends? All sorts of questions....don't you feel annoyed?

Later stage in life, people will asked you...How come you look so old compared to your peers? How come you are not travelling like everyone else? How come your kids are not getting married yet?Oh kepoh 1?

I personally doesn't like comparison. I will compare on objects, things that I buy, I use, but not on people. I don't find a reason to compare. Why?

Comparison makes oneself suffers. Why compare at the first place? Will get prize? Will get famous? Will get respect? Will be happier? No!!!! The answer is NO!!!

I have an aunty who likes to compare. Even the kids are now influenced by her. My mum taught me well. She doesn't compare. Each and every individual grow differently. As a mother myself now. I don't like to compare my kids with others. I just accept the fact what god had blessed me.

So what if my kid know how to read and yours can't? So what if your kid know how to do stunts while my kid can't? So what if your kid is not excelling well in school? If you compare, the kid's self esteem will go low or over boost in either way. So what if you kid got more presents? You will make other kids feel bad coz they felt that they are left out. Because of your boasting, you make another kid felt bad. Can't you just keep quiet?

I want my kid to grow up in a healthy environment. Give them encouragements. Promise to buy them gift, bring them out, pamper them so that they will put more effort in whatever they do. Kids are kids, never break your promises. Never pressure the kids by comparing. This will make situation worst! With a low self esteem, its hard for the kid to stand and face the public in future. Praise them when they did well, encourage them when they did bad this round. I am not sure whether my way is correct but I hate comparisons.