Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pregnancy 38 weeks ++

After a long wait of pregnancy. I am currently in my 3rd trimester. Only merely 1 week plus left to my due date. Actually, according to my gynea, I can deliver any moment from now onwards.

Baby has already engaged itself to my cervixs. No wonder I felt pain on my abdomen sometimes. It's slighty bigger with the size of 40 weeks but doctor says its fine. Weighing average of 3.3kg with a plus minus of 0.15kg after deliver. So far so good. Elderly tend to tell me that bigger size baby is easier to take care. My main concern is, is it hard to deliver if I am going for a normal delivery if the baby is too big?

All I wish for now is a safe delivery. I just wish that I still have time to wash my hair before I deliver. I wish I can reach hospital on time. I wish that my husband can reach hospital on time when I deliver. I wish my blood pressure is under control during my delivery. I wish that I can have a normal delivery. I wish doctor will give me epidural...hahahaha...I wish my baby is healthy. I wish I wish...so many wishes...I guess I am too kan cheong....

What can I ask for more now? I only can wait. Wait for the day and time to come. Blood pressure is slightly higher, guess it near delivery already. Symptoms wise, felt like delivering (can this be considered?), inner thigh cramp, backache, pee alot of times but little, felt like past motion.....oh my...thinking too much liao la...

Please bless me with a healthy baby and normal baby. Please bless me with a safe delivery. That is what I ask for...

Monday, December 27, 2010


What do you mean by comparison? Comparison is the considering of two things with regard to some characteristic that is common to both.

Why do we compare? Do we need to be compared? What are the things that people like to compare of? How do people compare things?

In my opinion, we human compare things when we need to make a decision in between 2 things or more. This is when we need to buy similar things but with different brands, price, quality and etc...

But! Do are we human beings being compared? Yes! Who is prettier? Jeniffer Lopez or Agelina Jolie? Who is more sexier? Who is cleverer? Who is richer? Why do we need to compare at the first place? Some people may said that its a way to encourage improvement in oneself. Do you agree?

Each and everyone of us is born with our own unique characteristics. God is fair to everyone. You might be rich but you are lonely, you might be pretty but you mayb be poor, you may be struggling from financial issues but you have a happy family and etc. Each and every single individual is blessed with their own talents, skills, capabilities, features to make them special. Why compare?

Kids are compared how well they do in their studies. How good are their singing. How many medals they get when they are in school. How many As they obtained during their major exams. Oh gosh. Are all these necessary? Some kids might do well in their academic and some in the co-corriculum. So what if you got straight As in your exams but a poor health? So what if you have a cupboard full of medals and yet you failed all your exams?

When you finish studies, you are compared again. How much are you earning? What vehicle are you driving? Is your partner pretty? Are you working in a big company? There are never ending of comparisons. When you get married and have kids, the comparisons go on. Why are you still fat after pregnancy? How come you just you havn't have a baby like your friends? All sorts of questions....don't you feel annoyed?

Later stage in life, people will asked you...How come you look so old compared to your peers? How come you are not travelling like everyone else? How come your kids are not getting married yet?Oh gosh...so kepoh 1?

I personally doesn't like comparison. I will compare on objects, things that I buy, I use, but not on people. I don't find a reason to compare. Why?

Comparison makes oneself suffers. Why compare at the first place? Will get prize? Will get famous? Will get respect? Will be happier? No!!!! The answer is NO!!!

I have an aunty who likes to compare. Even the kids are now influenced by her. My mum taught me well. She doesn't compare. Each and every individual grow differently. As a mother myself now. I don't like to compare my kids with others. I just accept the fact what god had blessed me.

So what if my kid know how to read and yours can't? So what if your kid know how to do stunts while my kid can't? So what if your kid is not excelling well in school? If you compare, the kid's self esteem will go low or over boost in either way. So what if you kid got more presents? You will make other kids feel bad coz they felt that they are left out. Because of your boasting, you make another kid felt bad. Can't you just keep quiet?

I want my kid to grow up in a healthy environment. Give them encouragements. Promise to buy them gift, bring them out, pamper them so that they will put more effort in whatever they do. Kids are kids, never break your promises. Never pressure the kids by comparing. This will make situation worst! With a low self esteem, its hard for the kid to stand and face the public in future. Praise them when they did well, encourage them when they did bad this round. I am not sure whether my way is correct but I hate comparisons.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Princess Xinye- 21 months

Little Xinye currently 21 mths old. She as active as she is...when she is inside my womb. She so energetic that I really salute her. She is so talkative now but at times, I still do not understand what is she trying to tell me. She is trying to form a 2 word sentence.

Was thinking to send her to a halfday nursery so that she can learn more stuffs as I am worried that I am not teaching her enough. In school, she can mix with friends and also learn more vocabs, more languages or sing...How nice. I am still considering whether its too early or when she reaches 2 years old. Heard that Smart Reader Program is quite a good program for pre-school learners. Kiasu mother...How not to Kiasu? Seems like the government is imposing a new education rule that kids born after year 2007 need to start primary school at age 5. If I do not start to prepare Xinye early, I am afraid that she might not able to coop up in class.

Even now she is quite keen on studying. We will make me read to her each night and she doesnt seems to be bored. She is able to pick up things quite fast and I am afraid that I will run out of books for her. She amused me with 1-10 but she is not counting all the number herself. She knew the sequence and will only say the next number after yours. After this will be on alphabets. Am I pressuring her? I see there are kids who knew A-Z by age 2. They even know how to sing. Well, once again i remind myself that all kids grow differently. So far, I think Xinye is progressing well. At least she knows how to call her name.

Kids are kids, I don't want to spoil their childhood days and get blamed when they grow up. I bring her to parks, shopping complexes, gardens, exibitions...trying to expose her with more things. No forgetting to take lovely photos for her as remembrance.

No doubt that she could be abit rascal at times but kids are kids. If they are sitting quietly, day dreaming...having the world by themselves, I would be more worried. Is she a lone ranger? Is she anti-social? Does she likes what she is doing? So far, she is the happy go lucky type. She always makes me worried when she got bruices all over her legs...How clumsy...

She is the type that is quite caring too! She will hug you when you do a frowning face. Give you a back massage when you are tired. She shares her bolsters around...dedicating one each for me and the dad. How sweet. But she ain't gonna give you her smelly bolster! Haha...

My dear Xinye...mummy loves you... I really wonder if she will be jealous once her little brother is out. I always point to my belly and tell her that it's her little brother and she seems ok. She even touch my belly and kiss it. Anyway, it't too early to judge. We will know when the little brother is out.....

Pregnancy week 31

Tada...It has been quite some time that I last blogged. In a glimpse of eye, I am currently in my 31st weeks of pregnancy.

Both baby and myself are doing fine. My blood pressure under control by not missing my medication. Baby movement is very good. Kicking me all day long non stop. Active is good.

Doctor's advice for normal delivery, epidural is a must for my case as it will not make my blood pressure rise during my contraction period. Or Else, I need to go for C-Sec. I did heard about the consequences of epidural but as compared to C-Sec, I think I will opt for epidural since I did use epidural in my first delivery as I am really in pain and my pressure was rosing high.

Why no C- Sec? Erm...I guess I don't really like the feeling being cut. Haha...Unless I have no choice. The after effect; the pain after C-Sec, I heard is not so nice to bear. The scar left on the belly, cases of broken stiches, unable to have massages after deliver, unable to carry your baby, unable to move around freely...and much more are the things that I am concern of.

I guess I am a freak in this. I will still go for normal delivery unless of special cases. 9 more weeks to go...and I pray for a smooth pregnancy and delivery ahead.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beh Tahan...

There are so many types of people in this world and I knew that for sure. But there are some kind of people who are too much and yet they don't realize it themselves. What is the best way to tell them off? I can't just walk up to them, blab them right on the face right? Worst still, you have to face those people quite regularly.

Please tell me a way to tolerate this kind of people. I can tolerate and ignore them for once or twice but when it's happening too regularly, I think I really beh tahan..But once again, I have to tell myself...control...you blood pressure will be oozing high....calm down...

Let me know what do you think about these scenarios?

Scenario 1
A is a mother and B is a daughter and C is a son. A and B kept complaning to me that C just had a baby tiger and this is not good for him.Mana tahu when the baby is out, A and B told me that the baby came out at the right timing...and it brings luck to C. They kept bragging that the baby is so handsome, high nose, so fair...all the best things that you can mentioned. Do we call this perasan? Why are they complaining at the very first place? Beh Tahan....

Scenario 2
A is a mother and B is a daughter. B kept calling me to ask me where is her mother? How the hell would I know? She got hands got legs got wings...she can go wherever she wants. Then B starts complaining to me that someone influence her this and that, want to dis-own the mother, scolding the mum non stop. Why are they coming to tell me all these? I don't know any head or tail about the mother and come calling me as if scolding me. For godness sake, lock your mother at home. Throw her handphone away and that will solve the problem. Beh Tahan...X2.

Scenario 3
A is a MIL, B is a DIL/ SIL, C is son D is a soon to be bride. I got a phone one day from D and she was crying on the phone. Telling me that B is going to get married as she is pregnant and they are demanding C and D's house for their marriage. D was cursing B non stop and just don't get the point why she is doing so? First of all, the house is under the C's name and how can B wants the house? Secondly, what is so wrong about B getting married? I know what is D thinking..she is not happy because B is getting married earlier than her. She is not happy because B is getting more dowry than her. She just don't like her. Worst still, B told A that she got a baby boy and guess what D told me again? This woman action already because boy can get more property. Come on la, what is wrong with this people? Being rich is also a headache. Then weeks later she called me again telling me that doctor told them that the baby might had down syndrome. This is a very saddening case. I made a wild guess that it might cause by the liposuction that she did during B's early stage of pregnancy. A asked them to abort the baby but doctor was to advice them to take another test. Seems like the test was positive and D gave me a feeling that she felt that it's a punishment for B and she told me that B's family got genes of getting down syndrome kids.All I can say is...the baby is innocent, regardless how B treated you, the kid is innocent. Beh tahan...X3

Scenario 4
A is girl B is A's sister. A come telling me that how cute her nephew is. The nephew is almost the same age as my daughter. Then show me photos and video clips of the nephew non stop. How clever the nephew is. B is doing the same. Bragging as if it's their own son. Come on, don't I have a baby myself? Why do people need to praise the kid and put him up in heaven like he is so perfect? Your nephew is the best and other people's kid is nothing is it? You brag like other people doesn't exist and doesn't care about other poeple's feelings. My nephew knew how to do this, do that..All I can tell them is, I don't brag about my kid. Praising them once awhile is ok depending on the timing. I always tell them not to compare kids, how beautiful or how clever they are are god given, comparing kids will make the kid felt bad. I don't blame them as their mother was comparing me with them when I was a kid which result in them now. Stop comparing and stop bragging, just let the kid grow healthly. What will you get from bragging? Your nephew is the best izit?Duh....Beh Tahan....X4

Scenario 5
A is a pregnant woman. A is always very conscious about her outlook and body since she is quite pretty and petite herself and of course due to her occupation as well. She is now pregnant. Occasionally, I will have chats with her on the phone and it really makes me beh tahan. I want my baby to be pretty as me. Self praise and perasan....I told her, her husband looks good too, so don't really bother how the baby looks like. Even your husband's family has nice features. Most important the baby is healhty, that is what I asked for. She seems not able to get what I want to tell her. She will start telling me, look like her is good, pretty, petite....yee...don't want her daughter to look like the husband...". Well all these god given OK and we cannot demand. She has put on abit weight nowadays and she posted some photos of hers in FB and people kept praising her and she felt flattered as if she deserves it. She selected photos she look best to be posted on FB just to get those compliments. Where are the ones that are aren't so nice? If those people just want to be friends with you because how you look like, they don't deserve to be your friend.

Before this, when she first did her ultrasound scanning, the gynea told her that she will have a girl. She seems not happy and said that it's not confirm, so she wants to scan a few more rounds to confirm. What is wrong with having a daughter? Daughters are capable nowadays. They tend to be more loving and filial. She told me that, first baby is boy better. I knew this has to do with distribution of property. How come she has such a thinking like those olden folks last time?

I am quite angry with her and I told her to put herself in my shoes. My husband is the only son in the family, doesn't I felt more pressured? I got a daughter in my first pregnancy and she the apple of my eye.Her husband in the other hand has another 3 more younger brothers, why she has to worry about getting another generation for the family? Moreover it's her first pregnancy. Beh Tahan ...X5

Scenario 6
A is a pregnant lady. A always come asking me about pregnancy tips and I am more happy to tell her everything since I have experience in it. I gave her advices, I told her the dos and don'ts wishing her all the best in her pregnancy. But things doesn't seems to be that way. She is not appreciating it. I told you because I felt bad if I see you doing it but not telling you but she will just brushed me off like no other people's businesses. Hey come on, I can let you walk straight ahead and let you bang your head but what for? I cannot forgive myself if anything happen to you. If am bad enough, I can encourage you to eat more durians, eat more cockles, eat more raw food, eat more unhealthy foods....but what for? I advice you and you said it like "Y u so KEPOH?" From now onwards, I will not comment on anything she did as I already told her what I need to tell her. All I knew is, pregnancy takes nine months but if there is anything wrong with the baby it will take up the baby's whole life. Touch wood. Wishing her and the baby the best! Beh Tahan ....X6

Scenario 7
A is an aunty. A is always a person who likes to make comparison. Whose kid is more clever? Whose kid is more prettier? Whose kid is taller? She is in her fifties and I don't understand that why she still has to do so? Sometimes it made me felt that her EQ is abit low. Every child is unique ok. They will grow up differently. What is wrong with who is cleverer? who is prettier or who is taller? Will get prize one izit? Beh Tahan... A is also a grandmother herself. She likes to tell her MIL about who is sick and who is not well in her family. The MIL is a freak...worrying everything but herself. Why on earth make the old lady suffer over small petty matters? A small flu/ cough also need to tell the poor old lady? The poor old lady will come telling me that she can't sleep the entire night thinking about it.Damn it.
Why don't she tell the poor old lady what are the happy things that happens but telling her things that make her worry? A small problem she need to make it so big? When she did something wrong, why don't she go around telling everyone? Beh Tahan..X7

There a much more scenarios that I can provide but I think my blog is way too long...I just hope that those people can be more considerate and think for others. They will indirectly cause unhappiness to other people for not think before talk.

Pregnancy week 19

In a blink of time, it's my 19th week of pregnancy. Ultrasound scanning shows that its a boy. I am so gald that I am blessed with a baby boy since I had already a baby girl.All I wish is just a healthy baby.

My hypertension was under control as I am taking medication. As usual, I am not allowed to be too stressed and always to remain calm. This really helps to make me a really patience person nowadays. Unless there is something else that really errupts my temper.Haha

Baby is doing fine. Active as usual. Moving around non stop. I started to feel my baby's movement since week 16th but the movements are stronger now as week goes by. Sometimes, he is kicking kinda hard too! Just like the sister.

There is not much difference on my body changes yet as I just gained about 800g so far in my entire pregnancy. So far so good. Hope that I won't gain so much this pregnancy around. I am still big from my last pregnancy. There is a little bump on my abdomen now. Many people claim that my belly is quite small for a 4 1/2 mth pregnancy. I don't get a big belly when I had Xinye. Maybe as what people says, I got big butt..Haha...baby got place to hide.

Went to baby fair last weekend to see what can I get hold for my newborn. Not much that interest me although they are giving a good bargain. Bought a set of pillow and bolsters, some breast pad, bib, bottle wash....etc...I don't really need much stuffs for this round of pregnancy as I already had them on my last.Phew....

Stay tune for my next update....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gender Issue - XY or YY?

I am currently in my 17 weeks of pregnancy. Everything is fine. Most important, mama is fine and baby is also fine. At this point of time, quite a number of people will come to me and ask me about my baby's gender. We would be able to tell at this stage. Thanks to high technology of Ultrasound.

Even though we can predict the baby's gender thought ultrasound, it sometimes also depends on luck as well. Why do I say so? Your baby could be too shy to show you his/her genitals. Haha...They could be in certain positions which makes you unable to determine their gender.

Is knowing the gender of the baby that important? Mayb to rich families where they need a boy to secure part of the family's property but to me, as long as the baby is healthy, what can I ask for more?

I am blessed with a beautiful princess 2 years ago. If you ask me frankly, once you have a girl, definetely you wish to have a boy. But all these can't be true. Not all wishes can be fulfilled. Once again, I wish.... Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I wish to have a healthy baby. Boy or girl, its god given.

It seems like I blab too much and I still have not reveal my baby's gender. Make a wild guess and I will reveal it in my next update.Stay tune...