Friday, August 13, 2010

Gender Issue - XY or YY?

I am currently in my 17 weeks of pregnancy. Everything is fine. Most important, mama is fine and baby is also fine. At this point of time, quite a number of people will come to me and ask me about my baby's gender. We would be able to tell at this stage. Thanks to high technology of Ultrasound.

Even though we can predict the baby's gender thought ultrasound, it sometimes also depends on luck as well. Why do I say so? Your baby could be too shy to show you his/her genitals. Haha...They could be in certain positions which makes you unable to determine their gender.

Is knowing the gender of the baby that important? Mayb to rich families where they need a boy to secure part of the family's property but to me, as long as the baby is healthy, what can I ask for more?

I am blessed with a beautiful princess 2 years ago. If you ask me frankly, once you have a girl, definetely you wish to have a boy. But all these can't be true. Not all wishes can be fulfilled. Once again, I wish.... Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I wish to have a healthy baby. Boy or girl, its god given.

It seems like I blab too much and I still have not reveal my baby's gender. Make a wild guess and I will reveal it in my next update.Stay tune...

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