Monday, July 26, 2010

High Blood Pressure

Since my last checkup at the government clinic, I was asked to monitor my blood pressure every alternate days. To save the cost, I will have to go back to the clinic or panel doctor to get my blood pressure. Last Friday, I went to the clinic and it was empty. Only to know that, on Fridays, all nurses will go house visiting. They will go door to door visiting to those mother's who has just delivered.How nice of them.

Upon arrival, I was asked to sit down for awhile. I got my urine tested and they try to get my blood pressure. To my atonishment, my blood pressure was way up high! The nurse asked me what am I thinking? I was not thinking anything. To make things worst, they found Albumin trace in my urine. Its not good news. Continuosly, they took my pressure for a few times and yet my pressure is still high. My oh my...I was asked to sit and rest while the prepare documents to admit me to the hospital. That serious ah I thought.

They have to send me to another goevernment clinic nearby as there is no doctor in charge on that day itself. Upon arrival, I was greeted by all the nurses as they earlier called to tell them my case. Good service heh...Even the doctor called to asked me whether I am on the way already. How dedicated...

My eyesight was checked, blood pressure was checked, my reflex was checked, abdomen checked....and doctor wants me to admit to the hospital for monitoring....To my surprise...They already prepare an ambulance to send me to the hosptital. As soon as I reached, the nurse asked me to wait and she get me a wheelchair to bring me to the ward.

At the ward, there are lots of pregnant woman, some came for checkups, scannings, delivery and so on....I was given a room and asked to rest and my pressure was taken every 10 minutes. Since I am resting all the time, my pressure went down and was later allowed to go home. What a relieved?!

From now onwards, I have to take care of my diet, need to go for brisk walk and make sure my stress level is under control. Currently I am on MC as I require rest to lower down my blood pressure. Work is out of my mind temporary and I don't want to think about it. All I want is to take care of my health so that I will have a "fei fei pak pak" baby....

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