Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current pregnancy status ->14 weeks

I am once again pregnant again. Currently in my 14th week. During my last checkup, baby looks chubby to me. Moving vigorously both its hands and legs. So cute.

This pregnancy is very important to me. Since my miscarriage on my last pregnancy, I always long to get pregnant again. After 6 months of trying, I am blessed with this pregnancy.

I was in mixed feelings when I first knew that I was pregnant again. I am happy when I see the home testing kit tested positive but in the other hand, I am worried. Worried that it could be another miscarry.I waited long enough to do the home test and also a week later to see the gynea.

I was happy to see the embryo but doc told me its not stable. There are blood clot around it. I was in total depressed. Is it gonna happen again? I was given injections to stablize my pregnancy, checkup become a weekly issue, I was not allowed to carry heavy stuffs not to mention that includes Xinye. I am always resting.

Week by week results are better and by week 7th, I am overjoyed when I saw the fetal heatbeat! My hubby's face almost stucked to the screen. What a sign of relief?! After the 12th week, I now go for my checkup on monthly basis. Not forgetting needing to take plenty of pills. I even find that I am more discipline now in consuming my mama milk. I skipped or forgotten most of the time when I had Xinye.

Since medical fees are rising up, I was thinking to deliver in government hospital. In that case, I can save a bomb and keep it for my confinement month or baby's usage in future. I went to the government clinic to get my "red book". It ain't that terrible after all. I have been hearing stories about all these clinic and hospital not allowing us to get the red book.

First of all is the red book. I had the impression all the time that red book = bank book that we see from HK drama and when you open it, your face will glow. I mean the size of the book should be like that la coz it is only used to jot down our appointments. But the actual fact is that the book is about the size of our Co-Corriculum book size that we had during our secondary days. It consist of all our medical details in it. So better keep it safe and sound.

The normal procedure of getting the red book is from the government clinic for pregnant mothers and kids. Why do kids are involved? Coz the kids will get free checkup and immunization after they are born. The last time, I went to the hospital itself to get the red book, and they asked me for referel letter. Wrong source.

The checkup took about 3 hours. I was there since 7:30am. Expecting a big crowd since its free. Urine test was done, blood test was done, tooth was checked, body was checked and consulation was done. I was so stupid to think that I need to fast for the blood test and I am so hungry.

Even now i got the red book, I will still do my checkup in the private clinic. Government clinics doesnt provide scanning. The nurses are so experienced that they can tell whether your baby is doing fine. Maybe ultrasound scannings are done in hospital as they are well equipped.

Everything is fine currently. Just abit of high blood pressure. I need to report in to get my blood pressure checked every alternate days. Looking forward for my next checkup. I am missing my baby already. Be good ok. Dont torture mama...let mama eat well, sleep well....

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