Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balakong Pan Mee

Plan to visit a friend who just delivered a baby girl at Balakong that day. After sending Xinye to nanny, we decided to head to Balakong for our breakfast. Its been quite some time I last had pan mee.

What is so famous about this pan mee? The broth is boil by ikan bilis. Imagine how sweet. They gave loads of spinach and lost of fried anchovies. I would say they are quite generous about the portion.You can have slice or normal mee. Infact, you can even ask for eggs. I felt abit weird to have eggs in pan mee but each individual taste buds varies. They even have yee mee and sui kow. Tried their sui kow before, not bad. Not forgetting the chillie, how can a bowl of pan mee can go without their chillie. Green sourish chillie for the kick of it.

My bowl of pan mee (small)..imagine BIG!!!

The giganto pan mee machine and the amount of dough. Imagine how many bowls of pan mee they sell in 1 day.

6 pots of pan mee cooking at 1 time to cater for the crowd

After breakfast, we head to Davis and Fion's house to visit their newborn. Baby Olivia resembles mummy so much. We talked for quite sometime, exchanging parenthood stories. I think that is what we all talk about when we have kids.

Anyway, congratulations to papa Davis and mama Fion and not forgetting baby Olivia.Wait till you grow up so that you can play with Xinye Jie Jie :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen

Vietnam Kitchen was so near to my house but seems like I have not patronized it since I shifted here. I told hubby that I would like to try it out and he got no choice but to go with me. He personally doesn't fancy Vietnam food much.

The place was kinda crowded during lunch hour. Settle down on a cozy corner and on the table laid 2 Vietnam Daily Times newspapers. It was the menu.Since I am new here, so it took me quite some time to settle down with the choice of food. Seems like I would try all of the food there.

Herbal Peanuts - Complimentary

Six Treasure Herbal Drink - (7/10) Normal

Seafood Mee Canton Style - (7/10) Price abit high. RM13.90

Braised Claypot Pork Set - (7/10) Popiah was ok, Soup was boiled with water chestnuts, braised pork was ok, rice ok...so overall pun la ok...RM19.90

Overall, the food was OK. Nothing to shout about. Pricing is also abit high. At least I tried this place before.

Note: All gradings are mainly based on self-evaluation on one's taste bud and do not contain any advertising purposes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Xinye- 1 year and 1/2 mths old...

I delivered my baby girl last year 28/2/2009. If you ask me how is the feeling being a mum. Seriously, I am enjoying it to the max! No doubts there are ups and there are down, but definitely the happiness is there; seeing her growing up stage by stage.

From birth till now, she is the jewel of my eye. She is everything to me. I am willing to sacrifice everything to her and will protect her always. She bring joy and laughter to the family. Everyone in the family loves her. Her laughters, her expressions, her cheekiness makes everyone adores her.

Seeing her growing up stages by stages, regardless how many sleepless nights, money spent, tiredness and commitments, I know its all worthwhile. From an infant sleeping and milking day and night, turning over, sitting up, crawling up, standing up and eventually walk, all these memories will always stay in me.

Patience is the most important and now she is a year old. Everything seems to pay off. Although there is still a long way to go, but i know i will never stop nurishing her, pamper her and love her. Teaching her new tricks are the best times where you felt proud of your kid. So far she can do simple tricks like "bye bye", "dim chong chong", twinkle twinkle little star"(more like counting money), "bao bao", "kheng kheng"(scare), shake hands, sayang....She can even do "GONG XI GONG XI" during chinese new year. Well "Cheng cheng" when she is infront of the altar.Not forgetting, combing her hair , talking on the phone and "hooray". Teaching her to do "good" and "peace" sign lately. We shall see when she will pick up this trick.

Time flies and now she is a year old. Am proud as I am a year old mother too! At least I qualified and graduated for a year.Hehe...Long way to go but no matter what...she will still be my baby...Love you Xinye.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thai Seafood Dinner

My cousin recommended this place to me. She told me this makan place's environment is not bad. From the photos she taken and showed me, there is fountain, a lake and more like a resort type feel restaurant.Asked her when she gonna take me since I am the kind of people that likes to try new things and new places. Sounds interesting to me.

Today, we made the decision to go. Yeahoo! After picking up Xinye from nanny, we head towards our meeting point. We actually drove past the restaurant and I actually made a statement like " Don't tell me this is the restaurant that we are going later!" and indeed...that's the restaurant.

It's located somewhere before Lookout Point. A small road where you turn in along the highway. Didn't manage to take photo of the enterance since it has turn dark. Forgotten the full name but has something like " Fresh Vege Farm". After turning into this road, we have not reached yet! We have to drive quite a distance into the "jungle" with bumpy and winding road. The road is not lit up and we have to go really slow. First impression that I got is " This kind of place also got restaurant?", " Will we get lost here?", " What happen if our car broke down? Scream also no one help!". Luckily we have companion; my cousin and her hubby.

We finally reached our destination! Really there is vegetable farm in there. This place is so isolated but there are quite a number of people who patronize it. The place was kinda dark and not brightly lit. Therefore I can't see the lake nor the fountain.But there is an area by the lake where they rare the fishes in them. More like a mini fishing village.So, fresh fish for sure.

This place is run by Thai people and they speak fluent English. We ordered 6 dishes and all gobble down by 4 pax. Imagine how big eaters we are!

Grill Crab - (9/10)Very nice as we can really taste the juice of the crab.

Salted Egg Sotong - (4/10)Not what we expected. The squid is not covered with crunchy salted egg but just being covered with a bed of scrambled salted eggs

Curry Crab- (4/10)The curry gravy is so thick and yet we can't taste curry in it. The crab taste is gone.

Tom Yam seafood Wok - (7/10) Not bad. Generous portion. Served with big prawns, squid, lala, abalone mushroom. Soup broth quite thick and sourness is just OK.

Grilled Lamb - (10/10)Meat is tender. Not dry and you can't stop eating it. Should have order bigger portion!Nevermind, next round.

Steam Catfish in Lime Sauce Thai Style - (9/10)Flesh was so chewy.Lots of garlic and steamed till perfection. All i can say "ngam ngam ho"! Tastes even better with the gravy.

A snapshot of little Xinye!

Overall the food was OK. Not bad. The bill came up with a total of RM180++ inclusive of coconut drinks and tea.Will patronize this place again to try out their other dishes like grill fish, grill escagot, grill "si harm", and so on....This round I will come earlier so that I can get seats around the lake and also take the photos of the place.

Note: All gradings are mainly based on self-evaluation on one's taste bud and do not contain any advertising purposes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steamboat Dinner

There is this Steamboat Place near my area which are newly open before Chinese New Year. It's call G-Pot steamboat buffet restaurant.Wonder why it is not call A-Pot, B-Pot or C-Pot or mayb T-pot.Wanted to patron this restaurant for sometime but ended up didn't make it. So today I decided to give it a try.

We reached around 6:30pm. It seems we are abit early for dinner. The place was empty.
Darling: "Hello, are you guys open for business yet? ".
Waiter : " Yes, we are. Come in.".
Darling: "Good, we are early and we got the place all by ourselves.".

G-Pot Steamboat Interior Deco

Array of food on the left

Array of food on the right

Ice- Cream Corner

Dessert Corner

Our G-Pot..Herbal Soup

Empty Bowls and Plates

The amount of plate we use to take our buffet food

Xinye so happy - Her 1st "YEAH" pose

2nd "YEAH" pose

Xinye actually raise her hands in the air and shake her hands as if cheering. Took 1 week for her to learn that.

Overall this place is just so so only. Nothing to shout about. Will try out other steamboat restaurants around KL and compare.

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was my 2nd Wedding Anniversary. What did I did last year? Hmm...Last year, I delivered my little princess, Xinye and I am in still doing my confinement. Not much celebration, just roses from Darling. Can't eat anything, can't go anywhere...but...

This year, I manage to celebrate. Took leave for this occasion. Sent Xinye to nanny and we head to Pavillion. Walked quite a long distance ...imagine..from Sg. Wang to Pavillion...hello...i am wearing high heel darling..this is torturing...y need to park so far? "Baby, Pavillion parking very expensive you know?" he claims. Omg...there goes my feet...

We had lunch at La Bodega. Nice place. Relaxing ourselves with the atmosphere and magazines. My oh my, the uncle and ang moh beside us spoilt the soup! Talking non stop. Who says woman talk most! Men does...Who agress?

Big Breakfast Darling Ordered

Fried Calamari

Lamb Sqewers topped with garlic sauce

Later on, we went for movies. It's been quite a long time that I last went for a movie. Decided to watch "Alice in Wonderland". Heard that its a nice show. Well, seems like so long I didn't go to cinema...the movie ticket cost us RM40 for 2 love seats. Not forget to mention, its also 3D. Guess that is why it is so expensive.Overall the movie was not bad.

After that, we decided to go home. I have to walk all the way back to Sg. Wang.Pity my legs. Full of blisters and earlier I sprained my left leg. My oh my, no more high heel for awhile..mayb 1 day..keke...

Happy Wedding Anniversary Darling..Love you most!

Friday, March 5, 2010

No Electricity

2 days back, there was no electricity in my area. It lasted for about 4 hours. Oh gosh! How i wish it was raining that night at least its not that hot.Xinye is sweating non stop. She is walking here and there not afraid of the dark. How brave is my baby.

We decided to bring her to Leisure Mall for a wall as there is air-con. I can barely walk due to the tiredness. Went to work, fetch Xinye from nanny and cook dinner and now i have to push my baby in the trolley and walk...

After an hour of walking, we went home and the power is still not back. We had fruits cut earlier and left in the fridge. Cool us down abit but we still have to bear with the blood suckers (mosquitos) as they are lingering around us. Just worried that they bite my little darling, Xinye.

Its about 11:00pm and the power is still not back. My FIL asked us to go back to my parents house because its almost bed time for Xinye and we do not have hot water for her milk. Pack some necessaties and went back to my parents'. Reached about 12am and only that time I manage to have my bath. So refreshing.

The moment I finish, we got a call from my FIL that the power is back. So we decided to go home since I need to be in office tomorrow. So we drove another 1/2 and hour home and its almost 1am.

I decided to call off the day as I am too tired. How I wish the next day is a Sunday..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bukit Tinggi Trip & Darling's Birthday Celebration & New Year Celebration

Back-dated post for :31/12/2009
Organized a short trip to Bukit Tinggi among my family members and relatives. Main reason is to get away from the working life and to celebrate birthday with my Darling and usher the New Year of 2010. We plan to have steamboat since the weather is cold up there. I would be wonderful. Me and my cousin plan to give Darling some birthday pranks but got busted a day before. Its ok..its alright...we always have second round...

We departed to Bukit Tinggi at noon. You can't imagine how much luggages and stuffs we brought up. Matresses, playpent, comforter, food, baby stuffs...the whole car booth was full!!! We checked in to our apartments. Chose the biggest one since we will have party in it. Xinye slept the whole journey; got herself recharged and we can see that she is excited.

The early birds are busy preparing for the party. We layout all the food stuffs for dinner party. Put up ballons and banners and setup pressie corner.

Everyone reached at different timing due to the congested traffic. We ended up with steamboat sessions 3 times. Not forgetting our Hot Plate session too...we have fun grilling on the sausages, ham, bacons and mutton ....yum...
It's cake blowing time, Summer bought a cake for Eric and
she got him some birthday pranking candles but we got busted too coz Eric saw the packaging lying under the table. Pressie time..hope you enjoy all the pressies that i prepare for you Darling...Happy Birthday....
's almost 12am and we prepared ourselves to join the crowd outside for countdown. Too bad, there is no firework displays this year...there is last year. After some photo sessions, we hurried back to our apartments for games. Elderlies went back to their respective apartments to call off for the night. Xinye stayed up with us till 2:30am that night as she is too kepoh to sleep. My oh my....

The next day, we had breakfast in our apartments, everyone helping themselves on the leftover food, bread stuffs and etc. Food cleared...mission accomplished. The teenagers then enjoyed themselves at the swimming pool at club house. After that...gambling time...and the head on the kaki judi is...Eric....He thank everyone for the contribution....hahaha....Free dinner, free toll, free petrol...

Some of my relatives checked out and me and Eric decided to stay for another night. We got some precious time all by ourselves now. But the apartment is so quiet. Kinda freeky as its quite big.

That night, something freeky did happened....We decided to call off the night about 10pm as we slept quite late the night before. Xinye was whinning non stop. She seems uncomforatable. We thought its normal and she might be hungry. Eric went to prepare milk for her and left me and Xinye in the room. A sudden eerie feeling i felt as Xinye is looking at the lamp area for quite sometime even the room is dark. I ran out of the room and join Eric. I did not tell him anything. After milking, Xinye is still whinning and Eric spent quite long to settle her down.

The next morning, we went to the cafeteria nearby to have our breakfast. Its a complimentary breakfast from the hotel. After that, we pack our luggages and its time to say bye bye to Bukit Tinggi.One the way home, Eric asked me whether i felt something fishy last night. I asked him why as the eerie feeling I had still bothering me. He told me that, last night he saw an orange light (something like a christmas light) blinking in Xinye's cot near her bolster. When he try to look clearer, he saw a shadow running from the toilet to the mirror area and went missing. After that only Xinye settles down and sleep. Guess there is something "dirty" in the room. The night before, my parents was with us so they believe the "ying yang chi" is more powerful that is why the thing didnt came out.
Anyway, its a nice trip overall. Eric is happy that there are so many people celebrating birthday with him. Everyone is celebration New Year together.Looking forward for another family trip soon....