Friday, March 19, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen

Vietnam Kitchen was so near to my house but seems like I have not patronized it since I shifted here. I told hubby that I would like to try it out and he got no choice but to go with me. He personally doesn't fancy Vietnam food much.

The place was kinda crowded during lunch hour. Settle down on a cozy corner and on the table laid 2 Vietnam Daily Times newspapers. It was the menu.Since I am new here, so it took me quite some time to settle down with the choice of food. Seems like I would try all of the food there.

Herbal Peanuts - Complimentary

Six Treasure Herbal Drink - (7/10) Normal

Seafood Mee Canton Style - (7/10) Price abit high. RM13.90

Braised Claypot Pork Set - (7/10) Popiah was ok, Soup was boiled with water chestnuts, braised pork was ok, rice overall pun la ok...RM19.90

Overall, the food was OK. Nothing to shout about. Pricing is also abit high. At least I tried this place before.

Note: All gradings are mainly based on self-evaluation on one's taste bud and do not contain any advertising purposes.

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  1. Y not try on the Vietnam pancake...I tried Vietnam food before at 1U, taste good