Monday, March 15, 2010

Xinye- 1 year and 1/2 mths old...

I delivered my baby girl last year 28/2/2009. If you ask me how is the feeling being a mum. Seriously, I am enjoying it to the max! No doubts there are ups and there are down, but definitely the happiness is there; seeing her growing up stage by stage.

From birth till now, she is the jewel of my eye. She is everything to me. I am willing to sacrifice everything to her and will protect her always. She bring joy and laughter to the family. Everyone in the family loves her. Her laughters, her expressions, her cheekiness makes everyone adores her.

Seeing her growing up stages by stages, regardless how many sleepless nights, money spent, tiredness and commitments, I know its all worthwhile. From an infant sleeping and milking day and night, turning over, sitting up, crawling up, standing up and eventually walk, all these memories will always stay in me.

Patience is the most important and now she is a year old. Everything seems to pay off. Although there is still a long way to go, but i know i will never stop nurishing her, pamper her and love her. Teaching her new tricks are the best times where you felt proud of your kid. So far she can do simple tricks like "bye bye", "dim chong chong", twinkle twinkle little star"(more like counting money), "bao bao", "kheng kheng"(scare), shake hands, sayang....She can even do "GONG XI GONG XI" during chinese new year. Well "Cheng cheng" when she is infront of the altar.Not forgetting, combing her hair , talking on the phone and "hooray". Teaching her to do "good" and "peace" sign lately. We shall see when she will pick up this trick.

Time flies and now she is a year old. Am proud as I am a year old mother too! At least I qualified and graduated for a year.Hehe...Long way to go but no matter what...she will still be my baby...Love you Xinye.


  1. Good to know that she is growing fast and super cute + clever (for me)...haha. I wonder when come to my turn, will I manage to become a good mother?

  2. you will definitely be a good mother. Dont worry...i will support you always..