Friday, March 5, 2010

No Electricity

2 days back, there was no electricity in my area. It lasted for about 4 hours. Oh gosh! How i wish it was raining that night at least its not that hot.Xinye is sweating non stop. She is walking here and there not afraid of the dark. How brave is my baby.

We decided to bring her to Leisure Mall for a wall as there is air-con. I can barely walk due to the tiredness. Went to work, fetch Xinye from nanny and cook dinner and now i have to push my baby in the trolley and walk...

After an hour of walking, we went home and the power is still not back. We had fruits cut earlier and left in the fridge. Cool us down abit but we still have to bear with the blood suckers (mosquitos) as they are lingering around us. Just worried that they bite my little darling, Xinye.

Its about 11:00pm and the power is still not back. My FIL asked us to go back to my parents house because its almost bed time for Xinye and we do not have hot water for her milk. Pack some necessaties and went back to my parents'. Reached about 12am and only that time I manage to have my bath. So refreshing.

The moment I finish, we got a call from my FIL that the power is back. So we decided to go home since I need to be in office tomorrow. So we drove another 1/2 and hour home and its almost 1am.

I decided to call off the day as I am too tired. How I wish the next day is a Sunday..

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