Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balakong Pan Mee

Plan to visit a friend who just delivered a baby girl at Balakong that day. After sending Xinye to nanny, we decided to head to Balakong for our breakfast. Its been quite some time I last had pan mee.

What is so famous about this pan mee? The broth is boil by ikan bilis. Imagine how sweet. They gave loads of spinach and lost of fried anchovies. I would say they are quite generous about the portion.You can have slice or normal mee. Infact, you can even ask for eggs. I felt abit weird to have eggs in pan mee but each individual taste buds varies. They even have yee mee and sui kow. Tried their sui kow before, not bad. Not forgetting the chillie, how can a bowl of pan mee can go without their chillie. Green sourish chillie for the kick of it.

My bowl of pan mee (small)..imagine BIG!!!

The giganto pan mee machine and the amount of dough. Imagine how many bowls of pan mee they sell in 1 day.

6 pots of pan mee cooking at 1 time to cater for the crowd

After breakfast, we head to Davis and Fion's house to visit their newborn. Baby Olivia resembles mummy so much. We talked for quite sometime, exchanging parenthood stories. I think that is what we all talk about when we have kids.

Anyway, congratulations to papa Davis and mama Fion and not forgetting baby Olivia.Wait till you grow up so that you can play with Xinye Jie Jie :)

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  1. pan mee, yum yum.
    too bad now I can't really have too much foods at a time as I will feel unconfortable on my belly (blast anytime)