Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steamboat Dinner

There is this Steamboat Place near my area which are newly open before Chinese New Year. It's call G-Pot steamboat buffet restaurant.Wonder why it is not call A-Pot, B-Pot or C-Pot or mayb T-pot.Wanted to patron this restaurant for sometime but ended up didn't make it. So today I decided to give it a try.

We reached around 6:30pm. It seems we are abit early for dinner. The place was empty.
Darling: "Hello, are you guys open for business yet? ".
Waiter : " Yes, we are. Come in.".
Darling: "Good, we are early and we got the place all by ourselves.".

G-Pot Steamboat Interior Deco

Array of food on the left

Array of food on the right

Ice- Cream Corner

Dessert Corner

Our G-Pot..Herbal Soup

Empty Bowls and Plates

The amount of plate we use to take our buffet food

Xinye so happy - Her 1st "YEAH" pose

2nd "YEAH" pose

Xinye actually raise her hands in the air and shake her hands as if cheering. Took 1 week for her to learn that.

Overall this place is just so so only. Nothing to shout about. Will try out other steamboat restaurants around KL and compare.


  1. feel like want to have steamboat for dinner. How the price, reasonable or not

  2. hmm...standard pricing for all steamboat outlets lo..