Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thai Seafood Dinner

My cousin recommended this place to me. She told me this makan place's environment is not bad. From the photos she taken and showed me, there is fountain, a lake and more like a resort type feel restaurant.Asked her when she gonna take me since I am the kind of people that likes to try new things and new places. Sounds interesting to me.

Today, we made the decision to go. Yeahoo! After picking up Xinye from nanny, we head towards our meeting point. We actually drove past the restaurant and I actually made a statement like " Don't tell me this is the restaurant that we are going later!" and indeed...that's the restaurant.

It's located somewhere before Lookout Point. A small road where you turn in along the highway. Didn't manage to take photo of the enterance since it has turn dark. Forgotten the full name but has something like " Fresh Vege Farm". After turning into this road, we have not reached yet! We have to drive quite a distance into the "jungle" with bumpy and winding road. The road is not lit up and we have to go really slow. First impression that I got is " This kind of place also got restaurant?", " Will we get lost here?", " What happen if our car broke down? Scream also no one help!". Luckily we have companion; my cousin and her hubby.

We finally reached our destination! Really there is vegetable farm in there. This place is so isolated but there are quite a number of people who patronize it. The place was kinda dark and not brightly lit. Therefore I can't see the lake nor the fountain.But there is an area by the lake where they rare the fishes in them. More like a mini fishing village.So, fresh fish for sure.

This place is run by Thai people and they speak fluent English. We ordered 6 dishes and all gobble down by 4 pax. Imagine how big eaters we are!

Grill Crab - (9/10)Very nice as we can really taste the juice of the crab.

Salted Egg Sotong - (4/10)Not what we expected. The squid is not covered with crunchy salted egg but just being covered with a bed of scrambled salted eggs

Curry Crab- (4/10)The curry gravy is so thick and yet we can't taste curry in it. The crab taste is gone.

Tom Yam seafood Wok - (7/10) Not bad. Generous portion. Served with big prawns, squid, lala, abalone mushroom. Soup broth quite thick and sourness is just OK.

Grilled Lamb - (10/10)Meat is tender. Not dry and you can't stop eating it. Should have order bigger portion!Nevermind, next round.

Steam Catfish in Lime Sauce Thai Style - (9/10)Flesh was so chewy.Lots of garlic and steamed till perfection. All i can say "ngam ngam ho"! Tastes even better with the gravy.

A snapshot of little Xinye!

Overall the food was OK. Not bad. The bill came up with a total of RM180++ inclusive of coconut drinks and tea.Will patronize this place again to try out their other dishes like grill fish, grill escagot, grill "si harm", and so on....This round I will come earlier so that I can get seats around the lake and also take the photos of the place.

Note: All gradings are mainly based on self-evaluation on one's taste bud and do not contain any advertising purposes.

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  1. What Xinye eat until so dirty. The crab look good and also the steam fish. Gonna ask my hubby go there one day