Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back

It has been awhile that I last blog. I am really busy and tired. Juggling between work and household. It ain't easy.

Work has been a never ending story. All people know is to open ticket and assign out. I never had a day that I have ticketless. This means that there is no one day that I can sleep well. I feel bad when work was not done and it really disturb my sleep at night. My mind is thinking about work all the time. This is really unhealthy.

Wosrt still, I have to take care of the household. But now my husband has to help me out with the chores. Day by day, little Xinye is growing up. she is getting more and more rascal but cuter. You need to be 100% alert to take care of her.

The good news is, I am pregnant again. Currently 13 weeks. That also one of the cause why am i exhausted by end of the day. Well, its part of life. I have gone through it before and I know I can do it this time around too! Keep my fingers crossed.

This would be a short blog after my long departure. Will update more from time to time...

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