Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Oh gosh, what is happening lately? I have been attending countless meeting everyday. Seems like there is no ending for it! Grrr....

Imagine, we got 8 hours of work each day, the first half of the day was taken for knowledge transfer meeting. There goes 4 hours. In the afternoon, you will need to attend another meeting for about an hour or so. Another hour gone. We left 3 hours for compiling the notes for the morning session meeting, replying emails, discussions.. That's not the end. The worst part is we need to attend meetings at night too and it could go up to 12am!

My main concern here are:
1) Where do we have extra time do do our own assignment? Do you mean that we have to stay back in the office or do it after working hours?
2) Do I get paid extra for working after working hours? OT? Dream on...
3) Do I really need to sacrifice so much for the company?
4) Company is asking us to charge the clients more on the hours we worked on, but it only benefits the company. Hello everyone out there in the same company with me, rumours said that we might not have an increment this year again!
5) Does the company ever thought that their employees do have a family?
6) What will my daughter feel seeing their mother glued to the work even at home? We only have 2-3 precious hours together before she call off for the day.
7) Heavier burden for the spouse as he need to take care of the kiddo while i am at work. He is tired too after a whole day at work! Pity him...
8) Will my health affected because of this? Will it cause hormone imbalance? Will it cause me to lose my temper easily? My brain is not resting well even I am sleeping as all the works are running in my head....
9) be continued...

There are many thoughts running in my mind now. Changing work? Start my own business? Full time mum? I really don't know....We shall see how it goes....


  1. Gak, take it easy. Is time for you to rest. Go get a short holiday trip, perhapes it help to reduce your current stress

  2. hi! i also attend a lot of meetings at work. it used to bother me but then i realized that my boss knows that part of my day is spent in the meeting so therefor he must adjust when the other work is due. at our company we have to send in a weekly report showing what we do each day. this goes all the way to the owner of the company. i always mark off when i am in a meeting and how long it took. that way i can justify on paper why other things too longer.

  3. Hi Ms.grace.Thanks for the advice. It would be good if I just need to show a weekly report. But in my case, I am required to do a daily report on every single task I do and weekly on my project. My supervisor doesnt care whether you have tonnes of task in hand, he will just assign more and more to you and he will chase you for it non stop. How inconsiderate?

    Now that I am pregnant and I have to tell him coz I might not be able to handle too many task but it doesnt really help. So heartless. In a result, in today's checkup, I ended up with high blood pressure.