Monday, April 12, 2010

Ups and Down in Life

I bet anyone out there will agree with me, "Life is like a roller coaster". At one moment, we might felt that everything is so perfect, things are going in your way you want it to be, luck is always by your side, problems can be solved in no time but things changed are stress at work, you lost your job due to financial crisis, you partner leaves you for another....

I personally felt that, all these can't be avoided. It really depends how you face it. Work is stress for me. Company in the midst of transtion in organization structure and the employees are all affected. Colleagues who you used to think that are OK are now your enemies, they are pointing fingers at you. They would play the famous chinese martial arts "Tai Chi" whenever a problem arises. How can someone turn so ugly? Their acts can really scared you sometimes, playing policitcs in the office, BCC you boss, backstabbing, you just name it....I faced it, I overcomed it. If I am not at the wrong side, why should I be scared and kept quiet? Managed to talk to my Mentor aka Team Lead and things we on track now.My advice, do not keep quiet for the things that you did not do and do not let other put the blame on you. My all time prinsip " Do not bring work home if you don't need to. Dedicate your weekends for your family members and loves ones. You do not own the company but you own a family".

I was once in a state of depressed when I just got married my husband. My SIL is a disaster. I never thought that my SIL was so horrible like those olden days typical MIL. She was worse than that. You don't really want to know what she has did to me. It's really sickening. A human with a heart will never did such a thing! I tried various types of way not letting her to hurt me further until I got pregnant. I tell myself that I am not gonna let her bully me anymore. I actually stood up after a year of patience due to pregnancy and kick her out from the house. I knew I have to be brave for the sake of my family. Life is better for me now. At least I do not need to face her regularly now.

After my SIL left, financial is another issue that we faced. She took everything away and we have to replenish the house with new items. We have to figure out step by step what need to be buy now and what needs to be buy later. Our expenditure rose up overnight. But, with proper planning and scouting around, we manage to get our essentials bit by bit.Setting up a family aren't easy. From water to power, from food to gas, you count them....its endless. I personally felt that its worthwhile if the money was spent wisely and on your love ones. However, my all time favourite phrase "Every woman must have their own savings and never let their partner know".

I am consider lucky that I have a loving family. My parents we very supportive. Really missed staying with them. My FIL was OK, treated him as my own father. My baby is such a darling. Last but not least my hubby, even though we do argue at times, but after we sought things out, our relationship is stronger than ever. Never keep things to yourself, voice out; men aren't as sensitive as women in terms of relationship.

A popular chinese phrase " You see me good, I see you good". Each person has their own problems, they don't tell you doesn't mean they do not have one. It's the way how an individual bring themselves out. Life still go on, there is no point carrying all your sorrows everywhere you go. Think positive, and eventually all your problems will be reduced gradually. It takes time to built the Great Wall of China, so be patient. Stay happy everyone.

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