Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Dinner @ Extra Super Tanker Restaurant, The Club

Attended a wedding dinner in March. An ex-colleague of mine finally got hitched! The wedding reception was held in Extra Super Tanker Restaurant, The Club. By judging at the restaurant name itself, its makes me feel that I will be incredibily full by the time I finish my dinner. Haha...Why? A tank is already big, but super tanker...seems like a super big tanker...but extra super tanker...oh gosh....

The place was not bad. Brightly lit carparks and there is a big swimming pool for the kids. Not to mention about the restaurant, its good too! The food are quite good..as compared to the wedding dinner banquets attended lately...Overall 8/10 for this place....where goes the 2/10? The waiter and waitress...they are young teenagers..seems like each dish plate will crack each time they put down the dish on the table...coz too heavy for them....oh gosh...

Here are some of the photos taken at the wedding:

swimming pool

swimming pool play area

photo with my family with the bride

photo with my family with Eric's cousin and the bride

Me and Xinye

After the wedding, I am officially somehow related to the bride because she is my husband's cousin sister's husband's cousin sister. Hahaha...

Congratulations Hui Pin!

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