Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Princess Xinye- 21 months

Little Xinye currently 21 mths old. She as active as she is...when she is inside my womb. She so energetic that I really salute her. She is so talkative now but at times, I still do not understand what is she trying to tell me. She is trying to form a 2 word sentence.

Was thinking to send her to a halfday nursery so that she can learn more stuffs as I am worried that I am not teaching her enough. In school, she can mix with friends and also learn more vocabs, more languages or sing...How nice. I am still considering whether its too early or when she reaches 2 years old. Heard that Smart Reader Program is quite a good program for pre-school learners. Kiasu mother...How not to Kiasu? Seems like the government is imposing a new education rule that kids born after year 2007 need to start primary school at age 5. If I do not start to prepare Xinye early, I am afraid that she might not able to coop up in class.

Even now she is quite keen on studying. We will make me read to her each night and she doesnt seems to be bored. She is able to pick up things quite fast and I am afraid that I will run out of books for her. She amused me with 1-10 but she is not counting all the number herself. She knew the sequence and will only say the next number after yours. After this will be on alphabets. Am I pressuring her? I see there are kids who knew A-Z by age 2. They even know how to sing. Well, once again i remind myself that all kids grow differently. So far, I think Xinye is progressing well. At least she knows how to call her name.

Kids are kids, I don't want to spoil their childhood days and get blamed when they grow up. I bring her to parks, shopping complexes, gardens, exibitions...trying to expose her with more things. No forgetting to take lovely photos for her as remembrance.

No doubt that she could be abit rascal at times but kids are kids. If they are sitting quietly, day dreaming...having the world by themselves, I would be more worried. Is she a lone ranger? Is she anti-social? Does she likes what she is doing? So far, she is the happy go lucky type. She always makes me worried when she got bruices all over her legs...How clumsy...

She is the type that is quite caring too! She will hug you when you do a frowning face. Give you a back massage when you are tired. She shares her bolsters around...dedicating one each for me and the dad. How sweet. But she ain't gonna give you her smelly bolster! Haha...

My dear Xinye...mummy loves you... I really wonder if she will be jealous once her little brother is out. I always point to my belly and tell her that it's her little brother and she seems ok. She even touch my belly and kiss it. Anyway, it't too early to judge. We will know when the little brother is out.....

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